UI Experts & UX Masters

You know what your customers want, we know how to build it

We use multiple platforms to plan, build and talk about our business. So it's only fitting that we work hard to automate that process and find new solutions for our clients. When it comes to building you a Mobile App or a Dashboard to help increase your business and simplify your process, look no further.

At Tangerine, we are met with many challenges when it comes to integrating and building mobile app applications for various industries. These challenges have helped us grow and they continue to push our developers to think outside the box. Just like our web design team, our application designers focus on design solutions for your business. Maybe you need a mobile app to increase revenue and impress your stakeholders? Perhaps you want a mobile app to increase customer loyalty? or you have thought of a new feature that can help you stand out in your industry? Whether it be a Hybrid Phone Gap Application, a Native Application, or a Cross Platform Application using a toolset like Xamarin or Fuse, we've got you covered.

Our process starts with designing your mobile application, then we move on to developing your database and storage areas for your application, to testing and releasing your application to market. We end with a simplified solution for your business and application needs.